1. Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles

    Beautiful: Week 7…

    The transformation in Beautiful in just 7 weeks is truly amazing. She was found tied to a dumpster by our rescue with such bad case of mange and wounds to her body that she had to be shaved to completely assess the nature of her condition. She spent a few weeks at our vet getting treatment and was then placed in the loving foster home with Pam Scholl. Pam has fostered numerous dogs for Westside with mange so she knew just what Beautiful needed…and look at her now. She is ready for her forever home…if you would like to adopt Beautiful, please fill out an application. Thanks to your donations, Beautiful will have a wonderful life without pain.

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      when shelters/rescues kill animals just to put them out of their misery it makes me so mad because of stories like...
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